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Madison Heights has a sister company named Vikin Homes. At Vikin Homes we focus on designing a home around the way you live your life. We don’t make you select a “model’ from our catalog of options. We don’t build you the exact house that we built your neighbor. At Vikin Homes we focus on uniqueness, craftsmanship and quality. In a world where everyone wants to look like everyone else, we stand out and our houses do too. We focus on two things: Spec and custom houses.

We build spec homes throughout Central Florida and custom homes throughout the state of Florida. From beachfront villas to craftsman bungalows to sprawling country ranch homes…..we have done it all. Some clients want to select a home that we have already designed and some want to design their dream home from scratch. We are happy to work in either scenario.

Our Website is Currently Under Construction

The Vikin Homes website will be up and running soon! If you’d like to speak with us about a new home, or learn more about our company, please drop us a message using the form below, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

vikin homes logo